Simple Steps! How To Bleach Knots Sucessfully On Lace Frontal/Closure?

Mar 14 , 2020

Simple Steps! How To Bleach Knots Sucessfully On Lace Frontal/Closure?

Bleaching knots, which is a permanent solution to give your lace closure, lace frontal, or lace wig a real looking scalp, is the enssencial part for flawlessly wig install. But, for some, it is not a pleasant task especially if you are inexperienced. We thought that it was necessary to show you the steps and few tips on how to successfully bleach your knots, hope that you will find these tips useful.



BW2 Bleaching Powder on Amazon

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Let’s get started when everything above is ready!


Step 1

Human Hair wig knots bleaching process

Lay down a towel with a piece of foil on it on where you process. Pore the BW2 bleaching powder in the bowel then mix with sone cream developer. You can do this part gradually until you get the thick consistency which does’t move so that It won’t be go through the lace and bleach the hair.

 Human Hair wig knots bleaching process

TIPS: If you add too much developer to your bleach powder, add more power gradually until you get the consistency perfect like cake batter. 

Step 2

 Human Hair wig knots bleaching process

Spray some water on the lace closure/lace frontal if there is baby hair to lay the fly-aways down. Put the lace closure/frontal on the foil with inside out, apply the bleach mixture gently to the lace area until you cover the entire lace area then warp the lace closure/lace frontal in the foil to process (it will helps to shorten the processing time if wrap with foil).

 Human Hair wig knots bleaching process

Human Hair wig knots bleaching process

Set the timer for 15 mins( if closure or less bleaching area) / 25 mins ( if frontal or large bleaching area) or sometimes it takes more time for some unknown reason. Like how much bleaching powder you use and how thick you lay it down on the lace also affect the processing time. So it is better to keep a n eye on your units.

Human Hair wig knots bleaching process 

TIPS: If you are new to do this, check the knots on your closure every 5-10 minutes until it has processed compeletly. This will help ensure that you remove the bleach before the knots begin to over process.

Step 3

Shampooing and rinsing your lace closure/ lace frontal. Rinse it throughly with cool water, using neurralizing shampoo with can stop it from over bleached.


Get the grassiness out of the roots by applying the shimmer lights to the bleached areas and then work into the hair.


TIPS: Tint the lace after you have done all steps above. This step is a plus for it will make your lace looks more realistic as well as helps to air in restoring your lace to a normal scalp color!



I hope these steps and tips can help you to achieve a more natural look with your closure/frontal/ lace wigs.! Just remember that pratique makes perfect.

Though you can purchase lace wig come with knots bleached from HeyMyWig, we still suggest you do that by yourself under professional guide or certificates stylist for a more natural wig style.

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