How to prevent your hair from split ends?

split ends on natural hair | beauty blog |

Without having more split ends you can easily get beautiful braids with these remedies. Split ends are a chronic problem with the slow process. Trimming your hair or oiling them will not fix it. Before you try to fix it, you may have to deal with scraggly ends and a lot of frizz. There are few sovereign remedies to prevent it once and for all.


Let’s talk about the causes of split ends:

split ends on natural hair | beauty blog |

Foundation of Split Ends:

Split ends occur while the terms of your hair turn out to be dry, brittle, and frayed. They may be similar to the end of an untangled rope. Exposure to extreme climate conditions, and hair care techniques, including blow-drying, straightening, and curling, can also reason break up ends. 

Bad Hair Habits:

While genetics play a role, there are many things which purpose split ends to manifest. The most common mistake is to give stress on your hair which can cause hair breakage and split ends.


The heat will motive your hair follicles to lose their tons while they need natural moisture. So that you can result in cut-up split ends and a dried out searching weave.

Chemical Treatments:

Hair treatments and perms, along with side demise or bleaching your hair, all weaken the integrity of your precious hair strands, which boom your chance for break up ends.

Climate and Weather:

While all these factors are in large part inside your control, there are some lesser recognized reasons for cut up ends which are tougher to pinpoint and manage.

Environmental aggressors which include sun publicity or a lack of humidity can all lead to dryness, thereby making you more susceptible to developing cut up ends.


Ways to Prevent:

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When it comes to split ends, prevention is excellent treatment. So whether or not you have been blessed with healthy, resilient hair, there are several factors you could do.

Nourish your hair from inside out:


Our first and most crucial tip while it comes to growing shiny, long and healthy hair is nourishing with food. It means you should eat fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, and being proactive by taking supplements if you feel like you cannot be getting all the vitamins you need from your food plan alone.


Candle cutting:

The cutting-edge trend to put off break up ends is called candle cutting. The system has been made well-known after stick insect Alessandra Ambrosio published an image on Instagram of her stylist, maintaining a candle to her hair.


 It’s a concept that burning off your break up ends can create a seal to help shield the purposes from splitting again.




Always dry your hair. Wrap a gentle cotton towel around your head for about five minutes, drop it then pat dry your hair. Do not rub the cloth against your hair, because it will motive friction, twists, and create unwanted tangles.


Hair dusting to fix Split ends:

Hair dusting is a secure method to get your beautiful hair without losing your hair length. Haircutting is a fast way to stop it but is not a permanent solution. It only resists getting more damage. If you can apply the hair dusting method regularly you can easily safeguard your hair to get split ends.

Ask your stylist for hair dusting—a technique that removes break up split ends without reducing the length of your hair.


And when all else fails? Then cut the split ends off might be a better choice (Ignore this if it sounds acceptable for you).  But don’t want to reduce the length? You can try human hair bundles/weave to get a sewin hairstyle so that you get enough time to have your hair growth while rocking the beautiful hair length you want.  We, HeyMyWig  provides you with all kind of texture and length that may suitable for you, hope you can find the one that perfect matching your own natural hair!

Do you have some useful tips to prevent split ends? Welcome to leave your experience below! We wish all of our beauties everyday good hair day :)

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