The full lace wig is among the most popular human hair wig type because of the natural look and feel that it provides compared to lace frontal wig and lace closure wig that has limited parting space and breathability. Knowing how to put wigs on, more precisely, a full lace wig is arguably one of the most frequent questions that lace wig lovers ask. If you're considering trying out the full lace wig for the first time and tend to install it by yourself, then let’s get started! We're going to give you a step by step guide of how to go about it.

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Beginners guide: Application of a Full Lace Wig

Things You’ll Need

  • Hairstyling products
  • Adhesive or wig tape 
  • A wig cap matching your skin tone
  • Scalp protector
  • Bobby pins
  • Witch hazel or rubbing alcohol
  • Scissors
  • Hair clips and ties
  • Cotton balls 

Step 1: Secure your natural hair

In case you happen to have long or thick natural hair, always ensure that you braid or cornrow it. Braiding will help the hair stay’s flat and neatly kept under the wig.

Finally, secure your braids at the back of the head, and tuck any loose ends. In you wish, you can hold them using bobby pins. 

Step 2: Protect your natural hair

Wear a wig cap that has a shade resembling your skin tone. If your skin tone is light, wear a light-colored wig cap, and if you have a brown skin tone, wear a brown wig cap.

Always make sure that your wig cap edges align with your hairline. This is usually optional; however, it's recommended as it helps prevent your hair from sticking out. 

Step 3: Prepare your full lace wig

The full lace wigs usually come with an extra lace located around the hairline, often trimmed. In case your hair doesn't have the additional lace skip this step. It's worth pointing out that cutting off excess lace needs to be done only once, during the first time you wear a wig.

Putting your wig on and then carefully secure the hair from your face using hair clips. Proceed by cutting the lace-up to the wig's hairline. Cut small sections of the lace one at a time, taking precaution not to cut yourself, undercut or overdo the parts.

Finally, ensure that your final lace is less than an inch to make your hair look more natural.

Step 4: Prepare your skin

Use a pad or cotton ball soaked in alcohol or witch hazel to help remove any oil traces from your skin that might prevent the glue from sticking when applied. It's always advisable to use a scalp protector around the base of your hairline for sensitive skin or skin allergies.

Step 5: Apply an adhesive or wig glue

Place thin strips of your wig adhesive on the underside of your wig hairline using a cotton swab, which will ensure that you apply thin layers moderately on your scalp. Finally, allow the glue to dry off as per the instructions.

Step 6: Wear your wig

Carefully place the hair on your head while aligning the front part to the head front and back hair end with the back of your head. Evenly center your hair in the middle of your head and ensure that it’s also in alignment. 

Make any necessary readjustments and ensure that the wig fits snug. Carefully press it down on the edges to secure the adhesive. After correctly positioning your hair, proceed by styling it as per your desire.


How to take care of your full lace wig

The wig might not be your natural hair, but it will need proper care and maintenance when worn regularly. Below are some of the tips on how you can take care of your full lace wig.

  • Washing your full lace wig

It is recommendable to use a sulfate-free shampoo when washing your full lace hair to prevent it from being too dry. Also, after cleaning, condition your hair. It's worth pointing out that your wig usually doesn't have oil glands to enable it to replenish oil like the way natural hair does.

Avoid washing your wig too often as it usually takes away all the moisture leaving it dry. It's advisable to wash your hair at least twice a month if you wear it daily and once a month if you wear it less often.

  • Storing and maintaining your full lace 

When you remove your wig and want to reserve it, always place it on a mannequin's head. The mannequin usually preserves the hairstyle and also maintains the wig's shape. If you happen to have a sewn-in lace, always ensure that you wear a wig cap when going to bed, as this increases the hair's lifespan.

  • Styling your full lace wig

Styling the full lace wig is usually very easy, however, it's advisable to avoid heat when dealing with synthetic hair. If you're heating your natural hair, make sure you use a heat protection to prevent the wig from damaging. Too much heat also lead’s to weighing down of hair. It's always recommendable to use heatless methods like Flexi rods when straightening or curling your wig.


I hope you’ll be looking forward to wearing that full lace wig with more confidence while taking proper care and maintenance.

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