Human hair is usually among the most preferred hair choice for most women. This hair type typically has a transformative appeal that makes a woman stand out by looking both stylish and stunning. Human hair is renowned for having a longer lifespan, natural look, and are usually indistinguishable from real human hair.

This particular hair comes in an array of trendy human hair products that include human hair bundles, human hair extensions, and human hair wigs. However, there is usually a thin line when it comes to differentiating between authentic, high-quality human hair and a low-quality one. Luckily enough, in this article, we are going to distinguishing the two. 


How to authenticate high-quality Human Hair

  • The Human Hair cost

Genuine human hairfor instance, is usually cut from a single donor and often is 100% virgin human hair. The hair usually has a uniform color, a cuticle holding, and also natural hair that's sleek and healthy. Most vendors claim to sell 100% virgin human hair, although purchasing online might be tricky, considering that you can't judge the quality of the hair before purchase. 

Cheap, low-quality human hair tends to have a lesser lifespan compared to the expensive high-quality hair. Always be keen on reading the hair guidelines before purchase. A low-quality human hair discourages washing or using heat on it and typically feels like a dish sponge. 

  • There's a difference in Color and Shade

The high-quality human hair color and shade usually provides a seamless look that naturally blends with your hair. The hair on the high-quality human hair typically has a multi-tone effect that mimics natural growth hair. High-quality hair is made from 100% human hair and therefore looks and feels natural.

However, when it comes to low-quality human hair, the hair texture usually looks unnatural only with a single tone shade. A cheap extension is non-compatible with most natural hair shade and color and has an artificial glow when displayed in light. 

  • Different Texture and feel 

Low-quality human hair texture usually tangles easily, is coarser, and also causes discomfort when worn, unlike its high-quality counterpart. Even when it comes to exposure to direct sunlight, the cheaper one tends to deteriorate faster thanks to its low-quality fibers.

High-quality hair, on the other hand, has a relatively smooth touch, unlike the low-quality one that has a coarse feel. The low-quality hair is hard to style bifurcate or curl and is often tricky, achieving a seamless, natural blend. High-quality extensions typically look and also feel real, making the hair bouncy and lifelike.

  • The Human Hair ExtensionsThickness Matters

There are plenty of hair companies that promise cheaper hair extensions; however, if you're keen enough, you'll notice there's usually a difference in the bundle thickness on the human hair. 

Low-quality hair extension ends are thin, and differentiating the composition of the set is easy as its usually an uneven hair combination. The low-quality extensions end will therefore in the long run, look ratty and unhealthy unlike the one on expensive human hair.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that despite many women preferring the layered look, narrowed down extensions are often of low quality.

  • The human hair Burn test 

Placing a piece of high-quality human hair strand on a flame will lead to the immediate burning of the hair extension. The hair strand should then curl into a little fireball, and the smoke emitted will smell like natural burnt hair.

On the other hand, a low-quality human hair strand, when kept on a flame, will slowly melt into a ball instead of burning. The smell produced is usually that of rubber, and it often producers dark smoke.

  • Product referrals and reviews 

But where I can buy authentic human hair products? And what to look for if buying human hair for the first time? Referrals from reliable hair experts might be essential when you're uncertain of the quality of human hair you intend to purchase. Always inquire from those who have previously purchased the authentic high-end wigs.

Lastly, before purchase, make an effort to read the reviews of either the product or the vendor selling it. If a product is genuine or the vendor is reliable, there is usually a fair share of positive reviews or testimonials.

 I hope this article will help you easily differentiate between high-quality human hair from the low-quality hair, hence offering the best value for money.

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