Walking down the aisle is a special occasion graced with pomp and flair more specifically for the bride. For a traditional black woman's wedding, looking spectacular is indeed a priority. When it comes to wedding hairstyles for black women; however, their choice in this momentous occasion varies.

In this article, we're going to look at the ten best hairstyles that are simple to wear.

Wedding season wedding occasion brids hiarstyles for black girls

  1. Long Hair

When it comes to traditional wedding hairstyles for black women, long hair always steals the show. Long hair with a fancy updo neatly kept always looks stunning. Long hair gives a natural look and a sensational hairstyle that can be worn even after the ceremony. Below are some of the long wedding hairstyles that are ideal for black brides.

The big long wave is an elegant hairstyle that showcases a vintage look by allowing luxuriousness to cascade down a bride's head like a fantastic waterfall. This particular style enhances matching jeweled hairpieces and necklaces.

  • Long black fishtail braid

Long hair worn as a long black fishtail braid creates a fairy tale princess effect. This hairstyle is unique, neat, and highly stylish.

  1. Curly hairstyle

For a comfortable yet stylish look, having a straightened, then loosely curl long hair provides comfort. The hairstyle matches with a jeweled tiara taking this classic yet casual look up a notch. Lastly, a patterned headband dress always does justice to any long hair wedding style, especially if worn with a matching outfit alongside a beautiful bouquet.

For those brides on a smaller budget no need to worry, as the big long curly hairstyle can still be worn without any jewelry and always make a bride have that contemporary yet beautiful casual look,

  1. Bun Hairstyle

For black brides who have a lot of hair and want an elegant yet straightforward hairstyle should try out a top bun hairstyle. The bun can be ramped up by trimming to a desired shape and size and then adding a tiara or flower on the bun hairstyle.

For a bride who wants to tone down their hair, having a tight bun on top will do the trick. This hairstyle is for brides who want to show off their faces and eyes in this particular occasion. For an elegant look, a bride can go for the top bun while keeping a wild bun hairdo is for those brides who want a fun look. Lastly, a bun hairstyle worn on the side is suitable for an exquisite look better suited for a strapless wedding dress.

  1. Short Hairstyle

Black brides who are lovers of short hairstyles can attest to this style being classy, stylish, and timeless. The short hair can be worn curly with a frosted caramel highlight or with an accented golden crown.

The short hair can be straightened and then waves added into the hairstyle while adding a floral headpiece into the mix to attain the ideal stylish look. This particular hairstyle blends in with a sleeveless wedding gown that showcases a modern yet elegant look.

  1. Sculpted Hairstyle 

The sculpted hairstyle is perfect for women of color who want that fancy yet sleek look for their wedding day. Having a large swirl comb over your hair with a lavish wedding dress is a perfect combination for the modern-day bride.

The sculpted hairstyle has an edgy look with cornrows and a little bit of everything hence bringing out uniqueness. The sculpted wedding hairstyle worn in a natural position exudes beauty without going over the top while adding matching earrings and necklace. 

Wedding season brids hiarstyles for black girls heymywig hair beauty blog

  1. Chignon Hairstyles 

Another hairstyle that's ideal for a black woman's wedding is the chignon hairstyle. This particular hairstyle evokes a vintage hairstyle depicted for ancient china and Greece. The chignon hairstyle tucks the long, straight, and luxurious locks into a low bun to add style.

  1. Updo Hairstyle 

Updo is another classy yet elegant traditional wedding hairstyle for black women that never goes out of style. For an exquisite look, the bride can side part and sculpt their hair into waves and avoid jewelry that can detract this particular classic look.

For brides who want a wavy updo, they can straighten their hair while anchoring it using a colorful headband. For a casual yet neat look, the bride can style their hair unevenly into an updo having curled tendrils. For a casual yet stylish look, the bride can comb their hair straight back into a smooth and tight updo while avoiding all the hair accessories sticking to simple jewelry.

  1. Half Up Hairstyle 

The half-up hairstyle is for brides having a hard time deciding whether to wear their hair up or down. The half-up black woman hairstyle is ideal for brides who want to look classy and beautiful yet less formal.

The half-up hairstyle adds fanciness while giving the bride a naturally elegant look without the bride having to put on accessories. The half-up hairstyle never goes out of fashion, and adding on a curled tendril on the side can add both a youthful look when combined with a tiara. 

  1. Afro Hairstyle

Another type of hairdo that is eye catchy and about making a fashion statement is the afro hairstyle. Having an afro hairstyle is that's wild, and pops are ideal for brides with big personalities. The afro hairstyle matches with a hairpiece that's bold, having a touch of soft edge laces that balances this elegant and unique hairstyle.

  1. Cornrowed Ponytail

 The cornrowed high ponytail is also another classy yet stylish hairdo perfect for a black wedding. The hairstyle is elegant and looks astonishing for those brides who prefer a casual, less formal look. The hairstyle can be accompanied by matching jewelry and also a tiara to make the bride stand out a notch higher. 

That's all we have for our ten black Hairstyles Ideal for a Traditional Wedding. They can be achieved easily. I hope that you will find the perfect hairdo that suits you while matching your personality.

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