Black ladies can agree that it can be uncomfortable wearing specific types of hairstyles during summer due to high temperatures. Most ladies usually prefer wearing something short and simple like a ponytail or a bun, which is ok; however, after some time, it tends to become monotonous.

Luckily, this article is going to spice things up by showing you some of the ten interesting and stylish summer hairstyle ideas for you. keep reading to find out which trendy summer look is best suitable for you.

10 Cute Summer Hairstyles That Are Easy to Go 1.Havana Twist Bun Cornrow Style Short Cut Mini Braids 5.Faux Locs heymywig.como

  1. Havana Twist Bun

The Havana twist is a unique hairstyle that's great for the summer. The twists usually look cute when worn and styled into a bun. Besides being among summer's top hairstyles, this look is ideal for any occasion. The Havana twist bun is a protective hairstyle that can be styled into smaller twists, making you feel comfortable and glamourous while wearing it.

  1. Cornrow Style

The cornrow is another popular hairstyle for black ladies this summer. It has a simple yet sleek look and is usually worn by celebrities and many runway models during fashion week. This look is indeed appealing and will make you run to your stylist to get this particular braid hairstyle. Lastly, it's quite ideal for the summer weather as its neatly worn and is entirely breathable and comfortable to wear.

  1. Short Cut

Short cuts are also an appealing look for this summer. The look is cute, simple, and very comfortable to wear. The hairstyle is a perfect summer look as it blends well with all skin types and different face shapes. Short cuts also stay off your face and are ideal for hot weather. 

  1. Mini Braids

This hairstyle gives you that gorgeous yet protective look that's a must-have. This appealing look is achievable through first moisturizing your hair by using either oil or curl jelly to crate those mini-brain locks. 

  1. Faux Locs

The Faux Locs hairstyle is versatile and fun. This look is ideal and also convenient for all occasions. The dreadlocks are long and stylish and have a rich African heritage. The Faux Locs are suitable as they allow ladies to experiment using braids or dreadlocks with different textures, colors, lengths, or styles to give you that summer-perfect look.

10 Cute Summer Hairstyles That Are Easy to Go Two- strand twist Crotchet Braids Two-toned Braided Updo Fulani braids in a top bun Cornrow Style

  1. Two- strand twist

The Two-strand twists are effortless and quick to wear, not forgetting among the top favorite black girls' summer look. They are easy to style; all you need to do is apply a conditioner hybrid cream to get that curl, coil, and kinky look before twisting your strands to get that smooth perfect look. 

  1. Crotchet Braids

The crotchet braids are another unique look that's here to stay. This particular hairstyle is simple to wear and is also a great protective hairstyle having a variety of options to select from during summer. The braids can be worn in different textures, colors, or lengths while keeping your natural hair undamaged.

  1. Two-toned Fulani braids in a top bun

This particular hairstyle is ideal, especially for those ladies who want a free yet gorgeous summer look. The braids in the Fulani look appear in a twisted Updo and are suitable for that corporate yet classy look. This particular Fulani hairstyle is easy to make and often stands out from other appropriate summer hairstyles.

  1. Braided Updo

The braided Updo is another summer look for black ladies that will trend this summer.

This particular hairstyle is neat, short, and comfortable to wear. It is also convenient when you want a quick hairdo stylish and ideal for the hot weather.

  1. Cornrow Style

Finally, the cornrow style is popular among celebrities and also models on runways during fashion week—the braids cornrow form through an underhand technique that braids hair closer to the scalp. The cornrow is a protective hairstyle that can go for weeks while keeping your hair moisturized and looking spectacular.


There you have it, 10 of the best Cute Summer Hairstyles that are easy to go, especially for black ladies.  

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I hope this article inspires you to try them out and enhance your beauty.