When it comes to choosing a protective hairstyle that’s also easy to maintain, then braids and twists are the ideal solutions. These two hairstyles are also versatile and perfect to wear during the summer. However, when it comes to proper care and maintenance, most ladies usually find it tricky as their braids or twists only last a few days.

Below some of the tips and tricks, you need to follow if you want to increase your hairstyle’s overall lifespan.

  1. Cut down your wash routine

Washing your hair is fundamental when it comes to keeping your scalp clean and healthy. However, frequent washing can lead to hair frizz and also prevent your braids and twists from easily drying up. Alternatively, you can always do a root or scalp treatment.

  1. Wear a silk scarf or bonnet when going to sleep

 Another effective method for increasing the longevity of your braids and twist is by covering your head using a silk scarf or bonnet when going to bed. Additionally, you can also sleep on a satin pillowcase to prevent your braids from drying out and leaving your edges to look fresh. Sleeping wearing a scarf and also on a silk pillowcase enables you to reduce friction when you sleep, while leaving your hair intact and frizz-free.

  1. Wash your braids Bi-weekly

It’s always recommendable to wash your braids or twists twice per week if you want to have clean and healthy hair. Unclean hair can lead to the build-up of dirt and sweat which can cause your strands to clog, leading to dandruff on your scalp.

  1. Wrap your hair accordingly

Wrapping your head using a satin or silk scarf is going to prevent your hair from getting damaged particularly when exposed to direct sun rays over longer periods. Wrapping your head also helps protect your scalp from dust particles while maintaining your edges too.


  1. Keep Your Scalp Moist

A moist scalp is a key to long-lasting braids and twists. Always ensure that you spray your hair often using water to satisfy your thirsty roots and also keep it moist.

  1. Regular touch-ups

Frequent touch-ups are quite essential if you want to avoid changing your braids after every four weeks. The edges at the middle are not prone to damage as opposed to the ones at the front and back of your head. These are typically the ones that often get damaged, giving you a rough look.

It's therefore important to place great emphasis on the aforementioned regions if you want your braids to have a longer lifespan. Ensure that you get regular touch-ups on those few rows at the back and front sections to leave your hair look neat and also save you both time and money.

  1. Have your edges re-done after every 4 to 6 Weeks

Redoing your braids and twist after every 4 to 6 months is important especially if you want hair that’s manageable. When re-doing your hair, always ensure that you place great emphasis especially around the edges if you want to have a clean sleek look.

  1. Reduce pulling your hair or styling it into updos.

If you want to increase your braids, lifespan, avoid styling your hair into high ponytails or updos. This typically pulls your hair, therefore, weakening your hairline in turn. Constant styling also leads to your twists getting damages. If you must style, do it at least once or twice per week.


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