What is  protective hairstyle?


Protective hairstyle is the hairstyle that can help to protect hair from damage that may cause by either physical or chemical. factor such as daily hair routines like combing, which always lead to breakage and brittle ends. Protective hairstyles do combat that by tucking away precious strands and guarding them. Protective styles are helpful on keep your hair healthy as well as hair growth.. So, when looking to decide the type of hairstyle to protect black girls’ natural hair, especially for those who are kinky curly hair or kinky coil hair type, it's something that takes quite a longer decision.

 Here a thing about protective hair, not everyone is a fan. Everyone has a reason for a protective hairstyle, some choose to use this for their hair health. Some have tension about using styles that may cause breakage especially due to lack of enough moisturizing.

Below are the benefits of protective hairstyle

  1. Avoiding chemicals that maydo harm to your hair. Exposing hair to different chemicals may cause breakages and prevent the hair from growth. Therefore, protective hairstyles are very helpful for avoiding such issues.
  2. Maintains moisture that keeping hair healthy
  3. Length retention and growth- This is one of the major reasons for choosing a protective stylish hair design. For cases where the hair ends get lose or sleeping rolls in pillows, combing black hair cause hair breakages
  4. Serving you witha stylish look. Black girls look very stylish with protective hair that makes them outstanding in their workplaces, schools or businesses.
  5. Saveyour Waking up in the morning may be having unlimited times to dress up and do hair before rushing out other duties. Having protective hair is the solution to getting ready faster by just securing hair before sleep and waking up retouch a few minutes.
  6. There are variety of  chic protective hairstyles that you can try according to your preference..


Here are some of the best protective hairstyles for black girls.


  • Havana

This has always stood out among protective hairstyles. Havana twists are made from different twists and turn black women hair giving them the stylish look.

  • Bantu knots. They are African traditional hairstyles. They are amazing and protect natural hair growth.
  • Natural hair twist

Flat hair twist is one of the most common styles. They are flat and made neat to resemble cornrows, but are time-saving to do and easy for even starters.

  • Faux Locs this can be both temporary and permanent hence enhance protecting hair.
  • Box Braids. You can wear them in either manner over one side, backward, throw them in a ponytail or wear them loose. Adding accessories with box braids official or even casual they look amazing in black women.
  • Crochet braids. They are among the best in protective hairstyles. These are an alternative to the traditional sew-in weaves. They do secure existing locks by having bouncy ringlets.
  • Braided Updo. These are best for saving the cost of maintenance and time no much daily routine retouching.

You cant go wrong with anyone of them! Just embrace your natural hair and enjoy your hair journey girl!

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