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Determining your hair type is fundamental when it comes to the proper care and maintenance of your hair weave, lace wig, or natural hairKnowing your hair type also helps you choose effective hair products that are convenient for your particular hair type.

Having the right hair products will hence enable you to customize your daily hair routine and let you efficiently style hair. Below are the four types of hair categories we have.

Type 1: Straight Hair

Straight Hair types from 1A to 4C Natural Hair Blog - Heymywig

Straight hair is categorized as a 1. It is brunette hair having blonde highlights. It also can be classified in three categories: Type 1A, Type 1B, and Type 1C.


  • Type 1A hair has a texture that’s very thin, soft, fine, and usually has a noticeable shine.
  • Type 1B hair has a large volume and body compared to type 1A and is of medium texture.
  • Type 1C hair is coarse, curly in styling, and is the most resistant when compared to all the other type 1 hair.

Straight hair is additionally the most resilient hair of all of the hair types. It is difficult to harm and subsequent to unable to curl this hair texture. Because the sebum (natural oil produced in the sebaceous glands of the scalp) gently works its way from the scalp to the ends besides the interference of curls or kinks, it is the oiliest hair texture of all.

Type 2: Wavy Hair

Wavy Hair types from 1A to 4C Natural Hair Blog - Heymywig

Wavy hair is classified as a 2. This hair is for Redheads having freckles, it additionally imparts sheen, greater than curly hair, however much less than straight hair. Type two hair falls between type 1 and type 3.

  • Type 2A hair has a texture that’s thin and fine, which is easy to handle when styling because it’s easier to curl or straighten.
  • Type 2B hair has a wavy texture that tends to take the shape of your head.  
  • Type 2C hair, on the other hand, has a texture that is relatively coarse and frizzy.

*Tips For Styling Wavy Hair

  1. Anti-frizz/humidity shielding stylers are key for growing and retaining tremendous waves because wavy hair is inclined to frizz.
  2. Keep your fingers out of wavy hair, the greater you tousle the extra frizz you experience.


Type 3: Curly Hair 

Curly Hair types from 1A to 4C Natural Hair Blog - Heymywig

This hair type is curly by nature and brownish. The Curly hair texture usually has a definite S wavy pattern shape. Granted, the S might also be a decrease case s or top case S, or it can also even resemble a Z on some occasion. This particular hairstyle isn’t shiny as that of type 1 or type 2 because the type 3 cuticle doesn’t lay flat on the head.It is full-bodied, climate-dependent, and damage-prone.

  • Type 3A texture is loose and very shiny.
  • Type 3B hair ranges from spiral like curls of hair to spiral-shaped corkscrew curls, and lastly, it has a medium amount of curls. 
  • Type 3C hair has a texture that has tight curls that look like corkscrews having densely packed hair strands.

*Tips For Styling Curly Hair

  1. Proper styling product application. It is the most temperamental hair type. It will be weighed down or give you greasy looking curls if you apply too much styling product on it. Otherwise, you will get Diana Ross’s 80’s afro if less styling product.
  2. Always begin with a fresh, smooth palette on day #1. Cleanse, Condition, Moisturize, then apply your styling product under the instruction of the CURLS product


Type 4: Kinky Hair

Kinky or Coily Hair types from 1A to 4C Natural Hair Blog - Heymywig

The kinky hair is a tightly curled hair that is exceptionally wiry and fragile.  It is the driest hair type, therefore,  it is more inclined to breakage and requires a gentle touch. It usually appears to be coarse; nonetheless, it’s fine-textured having densely packed thin hair strands. Lastly, it’s one of the most common African American hair type preference.  

  • Type 4A comprises a texture that is sufficiently tight coiled, with an S pattern when stretched just like the type 3 curly hair.
  • Type 4B hair has a wavy pattern that resembles the letter Z making the hair blend well with sharp angles.
  • Type 4c hair textures have a similar resemblance to 4 B; however, the 4c hair strands tightly coils in a tight zig-zag pattern that’s very fragile. The pattern is sometimes undetectable to the naked eye. Coily Hair, which is a subset of the Kinky hair family, is genuinely the most fragile of all hair textures because of the fewest cuticle layers that can defend the major challenges that coily hair girls facing is lack of hair definition, dryness, tangles, shrinkage, and breakage. But you still can rock your stunning coils if you take the proper steps for hair health, moisture, and styling product that does now not dry.

*Tips For Styling Curly Hair

There is always a misconception that kinky hair does not grow. The truth is that it grows at the same rate as other texture, however, it breaks more than other textures if not treated properly. So how to treat it correctly?

Treat it like a fine silk blouse – cleanse gently, detangle softly, and avoid harsh chemicals. Adding moisture, daily. Moisturizing every step of the way to keeping these natural locks healthy, shiny, and beautiful. Creamy first, sulfate-free, moisturizing cleanser, follow suit with a super hydrating conditioner, prep with a rich moisturizer and style with a rich cream, full of natural oils and rich butter. Don’t mineral, and petrolatum oil and heavy waxes. And lastly, take those hair vitamins to support hair health, hair strength, and hair growth!



Knowing your hair type is essential as you get to save both time and money buying appropriate hair products, hence, in turn, making your hair looking both stunning and healthy. Hope y’all enjoy your hair journey!

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