Going on vacation or trip is all about spending ample time personally, with loved ones or whatever the case might be. However, looking good is always on any lady’s top priority list. When you’re new to wearing wigs, learning how to pack your lace wig and travel with your wigs can be tricky because there are so many things to consider. we’re going to talk about the things you need to know about wigs in relation to travel. 


  • Always carry the right hair Products

Whenever you’re traveling, it’s always wise to carry hair products such as moisturizers, hair shampoo, and other day to day hair care items that might be unavailable on the destination you intend to travel to.

  • Pack an Extra Wig Cap 

Wig caps are usually essential as they typically keep your wig in position; however, it’s advisable always to carry an extra wig cap when you travel as they typically snag easily. Also, ensure that you take a baby powder bottle with you to keep your scalp cool and dry, especially during summertime.

  • Always Pack Wigs Inside Out 

Packing your wig inside out when traveling prevents it from having friction that cause hair frizz. Having your wig inside out also helps prevent any dust or debris from getting on it. The other alternative is to place your wig on a plastic bag zippered to prevent it from accumulating moisture or, better yet, a box that will prevent it from getting crushed.

  • Pack a Plastic Wig Stand 

The other easy tip for packing your wig when traveling is to carry a wig stand. A wig is usually more appealing when stored on a wig stand after use. Ensure that you take a portable wig stand with you when traveling as it usually comes in handy in your hotel room when it comes to storage or maintenance.

  • Prepare your wig any Weather 

To avoid any last-minute rush for a quick fix, always carry out the wig essentials you may need. Carry a brush, spray, or hair comb whenever you’re planning for that vacation. Also, do a background check on the type of climate you’re likely to encounter on your tour. If it happens to be a location that’s windy or sunny, always carry a scarf, wide-brimmed hat, and wig clips as they are quite useful for keeping your  wig unit in position.


HeyMyWig would recommend you to choose a Lace Closure Wig with your trip, since it is really easy to work with either installation or management.

Frequently asked questions in relation to wigs and travel

Q: Is it necessary to learn how to pack my wig when going on vacation?

A: Yes!

Learning how to pack is all about suitcase efficiency. Packing the right way will also allow you to have ample time while vacating and saves you the hassle of retouching or maintaining your wig. 

 Q: Do I need to carry a wig case?

A:  A silk bag can work!

We recommends storing your wig in a silk bag to protect it from getting tangled or damaged.

Q: How often should a wig be washed while on vacation?

A: A little less than usual 

Despite wig washing being essential for wigs maintenance, while on vacation, the most important thing is usually to enjoy quality time. Therefore, always wash your wig only when really necessary.

Q: While going through airport security checks, do I have to remove my wig?

A: No!

Airport security won’t ask you to remove your wig when going through checks. The scanners usually see through the wigs, however, try to avoid wearing too many metal clips as they might raise suspicion.


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