If you are reading this article then sadly enough, you might be suffering from Alopecia. Right? You might be tensed enough about the unpleasant and unattractive hair loss. Of course, hair is the beauty of any person and when it comes to a woman, beautiful hair glorifies her facial charms.

But as there is always a solution to every problem, there is also an easy and quick way to get your beauty back. How about choosing a lace wig for the purpose? Well, I think this will work for you. But if you are confused enough to choose the right lace wig then check out the tips below I’m going to share!                                                     


While choosing lace wigs, if you demand a more natural look with entire confidence and comfortability then it’s good to go for a full lace wig.

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Why choose a full lace wig? 

A full lace wig is best for Alopecia patients particularly because it is more comfortable to wear as it has the built-in inner cap that is made entirely from lace. You just have to wear it like a cap and you are ready to rock! Full lace wigs are different from one-of-the mill wigs. 

These wigs are available in a fascinating variety of styles so you can choose the one you will stun with. 


  • Types of full lace wigs


Lace wigs come in two main types that are:


  1. French Lace    
  2. Swiss Lace


  • French Lace
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French lace is a thick and durable full lace wig to create a heavier and, of course, a beautiful looks of hair. However, if you take a closer look, the holes of lace in this wig are smaller as compared to Swiss Lace wigs. 


  • Swiss Lace 

 Swiss HD Full lace wig cap human hair wig for black women 2020 hairstyle on heymywig.com

Swiss lace wig is less visible and softer than the French lace. The difference is quite slight between the two as the holes in Swiss lace are larger and the wig is lighter than that of French lace.


Why the full lace wig is a good choice?

A full lace wig is a good choice because it contains a unique lace that creates a hairline to create a perfect real hair impression. 

The hairline of the wig covers your real hairline to create a natural look and the strands of hair come out from the hairline in a natural way. 

So, once you wear it, you will be totally satisfied with the real hair look you get. 

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HD Full Lace Wig is the best choice for any kind of wig, that’s because it conceals the frontline of the wig as it is your skin and not the lace. 

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