Importance of Taking Care Of Human Hair Lace Wig Properly

Whether you are new to wigs or have used them before, taking care of your lace wig properly is always important for making it longer lasting. We have done much research & testing to supply the best quality, it is your effort on taking care of it that depends on how long your lace wig will last.

How To Care My Lace Wig?

There are many types of human hair wigs, like Straight, Deep Wave, Curly, Natural Black or #613 Blonde, and each of them may need to be treated in different ways.  But sometimes different methods can be beneficial for the type of hair you are dealing with in some cases. Let's just get straight into these tips.

How to wash lace wig correctly


-Condition hair at least once a week using a good quality sulfate-free and alcohol-free product. Use moisture-rich products for the best results.

-Rinse thoroughly.

-Apply a moisturizing conditioner and comb it starting with the ends, massaging the product thoroughly into the hair. Let it sit for minutes

-Rinse thoroughly.

-After washing, use a dime-size amount of oil to lock the moisture in your hair.

-Let your wig air-dry.

-Using oil products excessively on your hair is prohibited which will lead the hair to weigh down and become stiff.

-Apply a moisture-rich Conditioner and comb hair, starting comb with the ends working your way up to your roots.

-Leave Conditioner in for at least 15 minutes or more.

-Don’t massage the hair.

-Rinse thoroughly.

-Scrunch hair gently to enhance the curls.

-When damp, apply a dime size of anti-frizz alcohol-free hair serum for a more tamed look.

-Let the wig air-dry.

-Do not use oil products excessively on curly hair, or it will cause matting.

-Do not brush or comb hair when dry, it will make the hair frizzy and may cause hair to tangle & break off.

#613 hair is more fragile and easier to break off due to the hair bonds being broken. In addition to the same steps as natural black color wigs above, platinum Blonde Hair will require daily hydrating of Argan Oil and Washed Weekly with some Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner. 

Frequently asked question about human hair lace wig care

Q: Should I wash my wig before wearing it?

A: We recommend washing it the first time you take it out from the package. It is a personal choice if you mean you want to wash it every time before wearing it because that makes you feel more comfortable.  Just keep in mind that the more often you washing your wig, the shorter the lifespan it has. A quick rinse versus a full shampoo and condition will do less harm to it if you can't stand to washing it.

Q: How often should I wash my lace wig?

A: We recommend Conditioner Only Washing 2-3 times a week. Some beauties choose to wash their wigs once per 1-2 weeks, it totally depends on your preference. 

Q: What type of hair care products should I use?

A: Treat your human hair wig like your own hair. Use a good quality shampoo and conditioning products. In order to keep it soft and manageable, conditioning the hair wig is very important. We recommend using a deep conditioner on your virgin hair once per week, but avoid using oil or heavy styling products.

Q: Do I have to do anything special in the morning and at night?

A: Gently comb your hair from the ends towards your scalp every morning. It is always a good way to keep the longevity of the hair by starting from the ends keeps the pressure off the weft area. 

When at night, if you have your wig sew-in, make sure the hair wig is completely dry before you go to bed so that I won't get matted. If you take it off at night, just put it on the wig stand/ mannequin to keep its shape. Rolling your hair in rods at night will maintain your curls and limit the amount of heat you have to use on your hair daily if you get a wavy or curly wig.