Wigs are becoming one of the most popular forms of hairstyling these days. People who have balding hair or have been enduring prolonged hair damage have been switching to wigs. It is a more affordable option as hair growth treatment, and transplants can be quite heavy on your pockets. Many people also wear wigs as a protective measure and for trying out funky new hairstyles regularly. With a wig, you can dye, straighten, curl, perm, and use all hair products without having to worry about their adverse and damaging effects. Wigs, however, can be quite confusing when you are trying to decide which one to get.

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There are many variations of wigs available in the current market. Choosing the one for your hair can get tricky when you don’t have any idea about wigs. Today, the main focus is on frontal and closure wigs. They are some of the most readily available wig options online. Our experts, with the help of this guide, wish to help you make an educated decision.

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What is a Lace Frontal Wig?

13x4 13x6 Lace Frontal Wig

Lace Frontal wig is made of lace and a distinctive base cap. Lace is a part of the wig cap which contains numerous perforations. The lace is added to the wig only around the region near the hairline of the wig. The lace on the wig is barely 2-3 inches wide. The Frontal lace is lighter in weight, but the base cap is a bit on the heavier side. The frontal wig covers the entirety of your head and is a great way to protect your natural hair from the damaging effects of hair products.


What is a lace closure wig?

4x4 Lace Closure Wig

A closure is a square patch of hair that has been sewn onto a lace cap. These closures are essential for people who are looking forward to covering a few bald or scarcely hairy parts of their heads. These type of wigs are ideal when you want to get a natural look and not disturb your natural hair. It is perfect when you have just a few balding spots which can be covered easily with the help of the 4 X 4 hair patch that comes with a closure wig. The closure base is made either of lace or a silk base. The lace closure is ideal for any balding spot on your head, whereas a silk base is suitable only for the middle of the head.


Differences between Frontal and Closure wigs

Difference between lace frontal wig and lace closure wig


  • Size


The size is a crucial difference between the two types of wigs. A frontal lace wig is typically in size range of 13 x 4 inches and can be customized according to fit your head better. A closure wig, on the other hand, always comes in a square shape of 4 x 4. Some closure wigs can be customized to be larger but still come in a square patch.


  • Styling


The styling options are much more with a lace frontal wigs. These wigs don’t interfere with your natural hair, and hence, there are no disadvantages to styling. The natural human hair used on the wigs also makes it more accessible. Closure wigs, however, are no fun while styling. Styling a single patch of hair can be no good.


  • Ease of use


Frontal wigs require a routine of applying and removing the wig. Closure wigs, however, can be left on your head as the glue starts to loosen up.


  • Costs


The frontal lace wigs are more expensive than the square patch of hair offered in closure wigs.




End of the day, there is no clear winner or loser between frontal and closure wigs. The answer boils down to your preference or need. If you want to get a natural look and cover a few patchy bald spots, then closure wigs are your friends. If you're going to get to styling your hair and want to protect your natural hair, then the Frontal wig is your answer.