Looking for an excuses for spending your hard-earned cash for your beauty this summer? Memorial Day sale is definitely one of the best! So many of the biggest and best Memorial Day Sales have already landed online so as HeyMyWig! Any lace wig style you'll need for summer style, from clean short bob and colorful bob wig to different texture and length, can be found for less at this savings event. Below are the top selling units that are for Memorial Day Sale. Grab yours quick! They will sell fast. Don’t forget to Use coupon code “MEMDAY” at checkout to save more $$$$$!

  1. HeyMyWig #613 Deep Wave WigUnit

This one has been one of the best seller since 2017 till date on heymywig.com. You wear and wear and wear! Till you’re tired and it can be colored, combed out etc. If you are skilled in dealing with 360 lace wig, then the 360 wig will be an ideal option, for you can achieve more hairstyles with it such as high pony and cute bun!


  1. Italian Curly Headband Wig

Headband wigs are a total lifesaver! They are great to have for those days you want a break from the lace closures. It’s also a great option for you active ladies after your workout. Just put on and pull it up if you want to. They are definitely one of the best innovation for wig wearer. The Italian curly is so much popping and easy to maintain! If you are not fancy for curly texture, maybe you can try the wavy texture below!


  1. Wavy Head Band Wig


  1. Straight U-Part Wig

A U part wig will give you the visual benefits of a natural sew in with the convenience of a wig. U part wigs are ideal for :

- those who want to give their hair a break from the strain of traditional sew ins.

- those who wear wigs but are looking for a more believable look & finish

- those who want an instant new hairstyle & the flexibility to change their styles frequently & quickly


  1. Bob Wig Style with Chinese Bangs

Bob hairstyles are so convenient and sexy for summer! This unit comes with a cute Chinese bang style so you don’t needed to spend so much time on laying your edges down lol. It also comes in 4x4 closure size and 13x4 frontal size option.


  1. Afro Texture Non-lace Bob Wig

THIS UNIT IS ON BIG SALE on heymywig.com. The more unit you buy, the more you will save! The pro of the non-lace wig is its cheap price as well as the breathability. The con is, you can’t part it like you do on a lace wig since it has no lace to mimic your scalp. Still, it is an idea option for those who are on the tight budget but needed a daily-wear wig style.


  1. Pixie cut Non-lace Bog wig


  1. Loose Curly HD 4x4 Lace Closure Wig

HD Lace is the upgraded swiss lace. It is the thinnest lace that can bring your installation to next level! This unit comes with exotic loose curly that makes you look elegant!

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